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Updated Women's Equality Act Fact Sheet

As part of the new Women's Equality Coalition Upgrade New York campaign, this week we are focusing on one of the Women's Equality Agenda provisions,
Equal Pay, and the release of the coalition's new look and fabulous video.

We are asking you to:
1. Click here to email your assemblymember and senator to tell them we need laws as strong as New York women!
2. Share the new VIDEO []

WEA Equal Pay provision, in brief: Our equal pay laws were signed 50 years ago. It is time for an upgrade! To secure equal pay, we need stronger laws, which the equal pay provision of the Women's Equality Agenda would provide. The new law would (a) protect workers if the talk about their salaries by outlawing wage secrecy policies, (b) close a loophole in New York's equal pay law that allows employers to justify paying female employees less, and (c) discourage discrimination by increasing damages available to employees.

Factsheet on Wage Secrecy:

Albany Updates Capital Beat Blog (by Barbara Bartoletti, LWVNYS)